Its a picture of the crippled man who di

Its a picture of the crippled man who didn’t give in

to his disabilities but instead got up walking on his hands

knees and trying to mend people’s shoe for a living

While some will just laugh at the picture or

Look with pity for the young man

There are also few lessons to learn from that man

DETERMINATION : The young man is determined

to survive and instead of begging on the street,

he chose to be a cobbler

COURAGE : He balances the weight of his equipment
on his head, there by walking on his hands and both knees,
and going from places to places, with hope of getting customers

not allowing his condition discredit his skill to mend shoes

3.BUSINESS ORIENTATION: unless many disabled who choose

to beg for arms, he understand that for him to

earn good money, he should be willing

to offer a service for people

So far money has to be made to survive..

you too have to get up your butt now and

do something meaningful for yourself like

starting an online business that could

fetch you at least extra N8O,OOO every month

or even this one that can be completely Automated

while the system does all the work for you

and you can earn at least N5O,OOO every single month

The choice is yours to make

But one this is certain…

Money won’t come chasing you,

You have to chase it, and the right time is NOW !

To your success

Your Internet Business Coach

Victor Okoisama


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